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Jump on a plane and head to Sydney to see, meet and recruit some ofAustralia's best female athletes, playing in a Showcase over 2 days!

You're Invited

US College Coaches are invited to attend the ATC Academy Showcase in Sydney Australia.

Join us in Sydney Australia for an NCAA-authorised tournament to identify and connect with the best young female talent in Australia.

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Watch. Meet. Recruit. Australian Athletes.

This is your chance to come down under to watch Australian prospects in a 2-day showcase event.

Forget about having to navigate through different tournaments to find a talented Australian. You’ll see them all, on two courts, over two days. Easy.

If you want to recruit Australians (as many coaches do for their famous work ethic and commitment), then you have to attend this showcase to see the best of the best, play with and against each other.

How Will I Find Talent?

We've now placed over 70 Australian and New Zealand athletes into NCAA Division 1 and 2, NJCAA Division 1 programs, with a 100% success record over just 4 short years.

This proven performance means our agency has rapidly become the go-to female basketball recruiting agency in Australia - the one our elite athletes look to more and more to find their way into the right college basketball scholarship program.

It's this commitment and dedication to both our athletes and the colleges with whom we work that will see our Showcase in Sydney attended by the top young female ballers from around the country - all in one place - looking to get your attention across our 2-day showcase tournament.

You'll be in a fantastic venue, with a brilliant viewing area (see more information below), watching Australian National players, State Championship players, Representative players, and as always, a few other elite athletes who may arrive from other highly competitive Australian sports with outstanding athleticism and ball handling - for you to spot first and snap up before your competition.


The Venue

The ATC Academy Showcase will be held at the Hills Basketball Stadium located in Sydney’s north-western suburbs, and one of the leading basketball venues in Sydney.

We're making it easy for you to see every player across the two days.

Forget trying to find your way across venues with 80+ courts hoping you hit the right one to connect to the right athlete at the right time. That's exhausting, and not always productive. 

Our Showcase is a 2-day tournament played across just two courts with allocated grandstand seating AND a VIP Coach Viewing Deck to guarantee you'll see every player across both courts at all times.

Australia's elite young ballers - right in front of you.

This intimate setup maximizes the chance that you'll find your own next Georgia Amoore, and go home having seen, met, and already started discussions with some of Australia's best young female ballers looking to be placed into the US College program.


  • Highly professional venue

  • Intimate viewing to ensure you see

  • Allocated grandstand seating

  • Coach Viewing Deck (behind glass)

  • Easy public transport options

  • Free and spacious parking

  • Beautiful setting

Download the ATC Academy Showcase Booklet

Find out everything you need to know. 

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