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Cameraman with Movie Camera

Highlight your game 

Highlight videos are extremely important when promoting an athlete to a college coach. It is crucial to catch the attention of a coach within the first 10 seconds, otherwise it is game over. 


Why should you order a highlights video from your time at the Nike TOC? 


1. You can't guarantee that every single Coach will see everything great that you do. This is a tool that we will use post tournament, to potentially gain interest that wasn't there just from the tournament

2. We will send out these highlights to every single college coach in the U.S at the completion of the tournament. The level of competition at this tournament is familiar to coaches, therefore they know that when you do something impressive, it's against tough opposition

3. Incredible memories and footage to hold on to forever - who knows when you could need them again to show what you did at this prestigious tournament 

4. These highlights can be used for NBL1 teams, if you're changing clubs, or trying to showcase what you were able to do against the best high school recruits in America 

5. Coaches that recruit you purely from the tournament will still want to see these highlights

6. We specialise in making highlight videos that are specifically made to sell an athlete to College Coaches. Unlike other highlights that you may have ordered, we don't order your clips by skill (i.e passing, rebounding, shooting), we put your best clips first, and get coaches saying WOW within the first 20 seconds.


USA Tour Highlight Videos cost $200 USD

* ATC Academy cannot guarantee a length of this highlight video - this is purely performance based and depends on how well your daughter performs on tour. Ordering this video means you accept and understand this. 


Thanks for your order!

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