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It's Your Turn

We've signed every single ATC Academy athlete to a College Basketball program in the USA. Now it's your turn.

Every ATC Academy athlete gets the right offer for them, because we work close with you as the athlete to find a perfect match

We've placed every single athlete that has signed up with ATC Academy, because we work hard to match the player and personality with the right school for them in terms of playing level, basketball program, location, culture, and academic opportunities.

That's why we don't just focus on connecting our players with our connections in NCAA Division 1 schools, but also Division 2 and NJCAA programs.


We want to make sure every player joins a program that is the right fit for them. It's why we haven't had one player want to transfer either. 100% of our players are placed, and 100% of our players are happy.

That's no accident, it's because we get involved in a very personalised way, and take what we are doing for you (or your child) very seriously. We love changing lives for the better - and are ready to do just that for you too.


It doesn't matter whether you're capable of NCAA Div1 programs, or something a little less, we work just as hard to create options for you, and help you make the right choice for your USA college adventure.

Check out the summary of what we can do for you below.

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Outdoor Basketball

Step 1

We Promote You

We create your ATC Player Profile Pack including video, list you on our website where Coaches can find and assess you, and then actively promote you and your profile to over 6,000 college coaches and recruiters in our College Coach and recruiter database.  

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Step 2

We Connect You

We liaise with those school we believe you would be a good fit, and liaise actively with all coaches that come to use interested in your profile, and then set up a 30-minute introductory zoom call between you and the individual coaches. This is their chance to meet you, and your chance to ask questions of the coach.

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Step 3

We Support You

Finally, Taylor Jones provides you with active and personalised support as she helps guide you as you decide which school offer and scholarship you may wish to accept. This is a key difference when you sign with ATC Academy. We're responsive, we work hard for you, and we keep you updated all the way as you get access to our incredible collge coach relationships. 

Image by Gelani Banks


Sign with ATC Academy and we'll get you a placement to play college basketball in the USA. We take care to make you enjoy your journey from finding the right college to getting over there and enjoying your adventure playing College basketball in the USA.


It's your turn. 

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