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Subscribe to ATC Academy Recruitiung Service to reduce the time and money it takes to recruit exceptional Australian players for your basketball program. 

Find your Aussie players with ATC Recruiting Services

Filling out your roster with the right international players can be a time-consuming and costly process upfront and if the match is all wrong. That's why schools get a competitive advantage when they subscribe to ATC for their Australian players at least. 

Our subscription fee covers our overheads and can return itself many times over as we help you:

  • expand your recruitment horizons beyond local

  • reduce the time it takes you to recruit a roster

  • reduce the cost it takes to recruit a roster

  • improve the international component of your team

  • boost the success of your playing season.

If you want to enjoy the contribution our Australian players can make to your win ratio - as well as your off-court culture, then subscribe to either our Silver or Gold program now by clicking the button below, or email any questions here

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Let's connect you with the right Australian player for your school

Our recruiting process has been developed with the assistance of NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA college Coaches, to efficiently connect you with the right Australian athletes for your school programs.


We're passionate about working with our athletes and subscribed schools to enhance their basketball programs, while changing the lives of their total playing roster, and Coaches, forever. 

Here's why schools subscribe to ATC: 

  1. We have a great range of validated athletes

  2. We know our players personally

  3. We return your calls immediately

  4. We advise you honestly

  5. We advise our players honestly

  6. We provide validated facts, stats and insights for each player

  7. We keep you updated all the way along the journey

  8. We provide contact details of athletes you are interested in, for you to connect with them effortlessly 

  9. Our players have paid for our services and are serious too

  10. Not one of our athletes have ever sought the trading portal 

We genuinely care about getting it right to fulfil the aspirations of our players, our coaches and their schools. It's why our network of college Coaches come back year after year after year. And now, we look forward to welcoming you to our team. 

Here's how it works 

When you subscribe to ATC Academy Recruiting, we provide everything you need as a Coach to quickly and easily identify, understand, and connect to the Australian female ballers you might be interested in recruiting - with our founder and lead liaison manager Taylor Jones ready to respond quickly and help you every step of the way.

Writing on Computer

Step 1

Player Summary

As a subscribing college, you have access to our list of athlete profiles to quickly and easily identify the players you feel may suit your program and environment. We'll email you every time we add new profiles.

Man Using a Tablet

Step 2

Player Profile

Next, click on the player and download the extensive Athlete Profile comprising far more than just basic stats. We know our players and give you the insights you need to make a decision as to whether to connect or not. See Player profile details below.

Smiling Woman

Step 3

Player Connect

Finally, liaise directly with our founder and lead liaison manager, Taylor Jones who responds quickly to answer any questions that you may have, no matter the time of day. 

Downloadable ATC Player Profile

All our subscribed Coaches reduce their workload by getting access to our detailed ATC Player profiles for every athlete.

More than just basic stats, it contains extensive facts, documents, and video all validated by our team on the ground in Australia, plus importantly, the genuine insights that we've developed regarding each and every player.


See the detailed elements below.

One subscription gets you all this for every player...


Verified Transcipts

All grades are compiled and validated by our team on the ground in Australia.


Parent / Guardians

We verify the parent / guardian approves the move in concept and their details.



Validated strengths on the court including skills, athleticism, attitude and teamwork.



Athlete height with no shoes in feet and inches.


Representative Club

The current club the athlete represents out our minimum high standard of level.


Responsive Contact

Call any time you need fast and friendly answers or personal insight into any of our athletes. (see below for details)



A list of all hobbies and outside interests plus anything new that may interest them.


Points of Difference

Our assessment as to the unique contribution the athlete could make to a college team. 


Highlight Reel

A compiled video of highlights in most recent games. 


Desired Degree

The desired course/s of study as determined by discussing these aspirations with our athletes


High School

Validated details of High School including all links.


Highest Level Played

Validated highest level played within the Australian basketball system.


Full Game Video

Video of a full game to assess player movement, skills and knowledge on and off the ball.

Constant contact with our staff 

You need more than just a document to really assess a player. That's why we provide every subscribed Coach with direct access to Taylor Jones, our founder and lead Liaison Manager, for a personal insight into every athlete, and to answer any questions you have in a fast and friendly manner.

  • Call anytime you need further information

  • Expect a fast and friendly response (no delays)

  • Be sure our insights are from knowing our athletes properly

On a Video Call

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe to our unique recruitment service designed with NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA Coaches to access our elite Australian players in an efficient and personal way,  and give your program the competitive edge you're seeking.

We'll save you time and money, and more importantly, genuinely connect you with the right Australian players for your college program, in a fast and friendly way. 

We want to change lives, and we want to do it with you. So we'll do the work to provide you with all the verified facts, stats and video you want, plus the most important fast and friendly direct communication you need to truly assess an athlete in terms of their real capabilities, points of difference, aspirations, and fit for your school.

We have two levels of subscription depending on your needs. Click here to see the details and subscribe for immediate access to our service.

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